Snuggler Pet Nook


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The Snuggler Pet Nook is an adaptable plush dog bed for pets to laze around and unwind as they want, regardless of the weather. It is designed with fur kids’ excellent comfort in mind. When pets have their own room to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s dose of your sweet loving care, fun days become even more fun. Give your furry friends a time for themselves in a round plush pet bed they will enjoy!

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  •  Available Colors: Dusty Blue & Playful Peach
  •  An ideal and relaxing small bed for puppies or kittens.
  •  A plush dog and cat bed suitable for all seasons, whether chilly winters or warm summers.
  •  When zipped up, it transforms into a comfy fortune cookie bed.
  •  Dog plush bed is designed to match your home decors and add aesthetics to the room.
  •  The PP cotton filling provides excellent and long-term support.
  •  This plush dog bed is made with a water-repellent and high-density weave.
  •  For easy cleaning, the pillowcase is removable and machine-washable.
  •  When zipped together with another plush cat bed, it converts into a full circular bed.
  •  Regardless of the weather, around plush dog bed provides pets with a comfy spot that they will enjoy.
  •  A secure environment for pets to relax, unwind and prepare for tomorrow’s TLC.
Product Recognition

Measurement Laying Flat: L100 W60 H14 (cm) / L39 W24 H5.5 (in)
Assembled Measurements: L56 W42 H44 (cm) / L22 W16.5 H17 (in)
N.W.: 1.1kg; 2.4lbs
Material: Polyester, PP Cotton Handwash.
Do not expose to sun directly.
Dry flat in shade.

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