Ibiyaya Sand Dune Cat Scratching Pad, Round Cardboard Cat Scratcher Bed for Kitten and Large Cats

Want a round cat scratcher bed that looks good and is simple to clean? You might just find it in the Ibiyaya Sand Dune Cat Scratching Pad! The basin-shaped corrugated cardboard makes this round cat scratcher the ideal surface for your cat to use. In addition to offering your cat a comfortable spot to rest, the dune form is entertaining to play with. Cleaning up after your cat’s scratching is simple because the base collects all of the leftover material.

The Ibiyaya round cat scratcher bed will complement your favorite furnishings with its stylish boho design. For added kitty enjoyment, it also includes a catnip pack. The Ibiyaya cardboard cat scratcher bed is the perfect way to give your cat the gift of happy scratching.

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  • Stylish: The Sand Dune Cat Scratching Pad’s elegant bohemian design fits well with your favorite furnishings at home. The subtle and natural style is ideal for individuals who want their cat scratcher to be both fashionable and practical.
  • Easy to use and clean: The splash-proof construction of this high-end cat scratch mat makes it simple to use and even simpler to clean. For an easy and quick cleanup with wet wipes, the base collects all of the scratching debris.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Corrugated cardboard was used to create this enormous cat scratch mat, making it strong and long-lasting. Because of its strength and durability, you can be sure that it will endure even the most severe scrapes.
  • Maximum feline pleasure: The Ibiyaya round scratch pads for cats are composed of a corrugated cardboard body and are meant to provide your cat with the most scratching enjoyment. Additionally, it includes a catnip pack for your cat’s added amusement.
  • Dune form: The dune shape offers a spot to scratch as well as a place to rest. For quick and simple cleanup, the raised sides also aid in capturing all of the scratching debris.
  • Keep your furniture from getting scratched: The Ibiyaya round scratch pads for cats will fit nicely with your furnishings thanks to its Boho design. It’s also an excellent way to prevent scratches on your furniture.
  • Big enough for most cats: With a diameter of 47 cm, this round cat scratcher is large enough for the majority of cats to use as a scratching post, resting surface, and play area.
  • Anti-slip: The base comes with anti-slip stoppers that won’t easily slide around. This makes it easy to keep the scratcher in place and ensures that your cat has a sturdy, secure, and uninterrupted cat scratching experience.
  • Eco-friendly: Corrugated cardboard cat scratcher bed is manufactured from recycled resources and is fully recyclable, making it environmentally beneficial. The scratching board can be replaced if it becomes worn or damaged.
  • The Sand Dune Cat Scratcher Bed is a fantastic item to keep your cat amused and your furniture free of scratches. Even the most severe scrapes shouldn’t damage it because of its durable build and simple cleaning procedures. The dune form also offers a place to rest and a place to scratch. Your cat will also have a blast thanks to the supplied catnip pack! The Ibiyaya cardboard cat scratcher bed lets you give the gift of blissful scratching to your cat.

Net Weight 1kg
Size L46 W46 H16 (cm) Do not store in damp, direct sunlight, rain, etc.
The surface can be cleaned with a cloth. The hair can be cleaned with depilatory products . Regularly check the function of the product to avoid friction and collision

The above is the basic cleaning and maintenance method, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact

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