Snow 360° Portable Fan

Looking for a portable fan that can keep you cool on the go? The Snow 360° Portable Fan is perfect for personal use or for clipping onto a stroller to keep your pet cool.

This versatile fan features 3 modes and can rotate 180° in either direction, making it easy to direct the airflow exactly where you need it. With a long-lasting 2000mAh battery, this fan can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge – meaning you can stay cool all day long. Type C charging means that you can recharge the battery in just 2 hours, so you’ll never be caught without a breeze.

Whether you’re out on a hot summer day or stuck in a stuffy office, the Snow 360° Portable Fan will help cool you down on a warm day!

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  • 360° Rotation: The fan can rotate in all directions, so you can direct the airflow exactly where you need it.
  • Good for your pets inside the home or out in a stroller: The fan can be placed flat on a surface or clipped onto a stroller, making it perfect for keeping your furry friend cool on a hot day.
  • 3 Modes: The fan has 3 different speed settings, so you can choose the perfect level of airflow.
  • 180° automatic rotation: Long press the button to make the fan rotate 180° in that direction.
  • Long-lasting battery: With a 2000mAh battery, the fan can run for hours on a single charge.
  • Extendable Height: The fan’s height is adjustable, so you can position it however you need.
  • Type C Charging: Recharge the battery in just 2 hours with the included Type C charger.
  • This fan can also be for personal use: When not being used by your pet, the fan can be placed on a table or clipped to another surface.
  • Size:L14 × W12.5 × H25 (cm) L5.5 x W5 x H10 (in)
  • Net.W:412g / 0.9 lbs
  • Battery capacity:2000mAh
  • Materials:ABS + Stainless steel
  • Equipped with:USB Charging Cable (Type-C charging port)
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