Speedy Fold Pet Buggy, Best Foldable Dog-Cat Pet Stroller, 4-Wheel Medium Dog Buggy

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Consider a foldable pet buggy stroller that, when folded, is smaller than our pet. Doesn’t it seem impossible? You’re out of luck because the Ibiyaya Speedy Fold Stroller is absolutely a thing.

The name of the Ibiyaya Speedy Fold Stroller says it all. It’s a quick-folding, small, and portable dog-cat buggy stroller that’s perfect for your hectic lifestyle. You may forget about the inconvenience of traditional foldable pet strollers in the market thanks to its ingenious specialized design. Sweating even before going for a stroll because it’s THAT difficult to set up will not suffice.

What’s more, it goes with just about everything! Are you going for a drive? Taking a plane ride? There’s no need to be concerned; the Ibiyaya Speedy Foldable Pet Stroller is ready to go.

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  • TAKE YOUR PET ANYWHERE: With the Ibiyaya’s foldable pet strollers for small dogs, medium dogs, and cats, you can always bring your pet with you! This lightweight dog buggy stroller can take up to 44 pounds, and it has a novel design that allows it to fold down to the size of a large handbag, making it ideal pet buggy for journeys on airlines, buses, or even going down the stairs at home.
  • DEPENDABLE QUALITY: Our small to medium foldable pet stroller is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, and the pads can be removed and hand washed to keep them fresh for your furry friends. This 4-wheel cat-dog buggy has a 360-degree rotating front wheel for easy maneuvering. Ibiyaya dog buggy stroller for small to medium-sized dogs features shock-absorbent wheels that will last for years!
  • KEEP YOUR PET COMFORTABLE: These unique collapsible dog strollers feature plush padding and ventilation mesh windows so your pet can relax and enjoy the journey! This trendy foldable dog-cat stroller has a peek-a-boo glass so you can offer your pet love and treats while out and about. It’s large enough for 1 larger pet or 2 tiny pets.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO STORE: Our medium foldable dog stroller is the ideal pet travel solution for toddlers or elderly pet owners, thanks to its simple one-hand folding mechanism. Each lightweight dog carriage barely weighs 13 pounds and folds up in seconds! When the pet buggy stroller is not in use, it will never take up too much room in your apartment, closet, or car trunk.
  • PROTECT YOUR PET: We understand that nothing is more essential than the safety of your pet. Our foldable dog strollers have quick-release wheels that adjust to any surface and tethers to keep your pet from escaping. You’ll enjoy this dog buggy since it comes with a dependable customer care team that is always willing to help and a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • CATALOG: To download Ibiyaya’s product catalog on your device, please visit this page.

Embrace Convenience Speedy Fold Pet Buggy

Top benefits for pet parents

Pawsome design for your fur babies

Swift and Secure


What is the maximum weight limit of this pet stroller?

The recommended weight limit of this pet stroller is  20kg or 44 lbs.

Yes, all small to medium-sized pet strollers are fit for one to two rabbits.

Yes, please email our customer service at pet@ibiyaya.com.

  • Recommended Weight Limit: 20kg; 44lbs
  • Net Wet: 6kg; 13lbs
  • Cabin Dimensions:L55 W32 H53 (cm); L22 W13 H21 (in)
  • Stroller Dimensions: L75 W48 H100 (cm); L30 W19 W39 (in)
  • Folding Dimensions: L44 W22 H59 (cm); L17 W9 H23 (in)
  • Accessories: Safety tether x2 / Removable pad
  • Use cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
  • When not in use, please store this double pet stroller in a place where it is protected from moisture, direct sunlight, and rain.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact pet@ibiyaya.com
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