Two-tier Pet Backpack, Best Hiking Double Cat-Dog Travel Carrier For Two Small Pets

A must-have dog hiking backpack carrier for pet owners with more than one fur baby!

You can finally take two of your pets on adventures with Ibiyaya’s Two-Tier Pet Backpack. It has all the features you’ll need to keep your pets safe and comfortable — from ventilation holes to mesh windows. It also offers several pockets where you can securely store your own or your pets’ valuables. But that’s not all — Ibiyaya’s best dog backpack carrier for hiking also ensures your own comfort as it’s ergonomically designed to protect your spine and prevent back pain.

This double cat-dog carrier backpack is available in different countries and price vary per location. For more information, please click below.

Taking on outdoor adventures with two pets is finally possible with double pet carrier!

Ergonomic structure

Top benefits for pet parents

Pawsome design for your fur babies



  • Double Pet Carrier Backpack: The Two-Tier Pet Backpack features a versatile removable divider, allowing you to comfortably carry two small dogs or adjust the space for one medium-sized dog. This innovative design simplifies transportation, making it ideal for pet owners who enjoy adventures with multiple furry friends.
  • Sturdy and Rigid Body Construction: Constructed with high-quality polyester, this double cat backpack for hiking or travel maintains its shape and stability, ensuring durability no matter the activity level of your pets inside. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use, making every outing as smooth as the first.
  • Function as a Pet Car Seat Carrier: Not only is this the best dog hiking backpack carrier, but it also serves as a secure car carrier for two pets. Its design ensures stability and safety on car seats, making road trips with your pets worry-free and enjoyable.



  • Water-Repellant and Rip-Resistant Fabric: Made from the finest materials, this double pet backpack for hiking and long travel is built to last, capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions, ensuring that your pets stay dry and comfortable. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for any adventurous pet owner.
  • Anti-Scratch Rubber Feet Pads: Equipped with rubber feet pads, this small dog hiking backpack carier avoids scratches and damage, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over time. These features make it a reliable companion for all your outdoor escapades.
  • Patented and Uniquely Designed: This double pet carrier backpack  doesn’t just serve its purpose; it also looks good doing it. With a unique, patented design, it stands out in a crowd and reflects your and your pets’ great style.



  • Ergonomically Designed: Focused on your comfort, this double cat-dog carrier backpack features anatomically shaped shoulder straps with adjustable load lifters that enhance posture and spine protection. It’s meticulously designed to ensure you feel as good as your pets do on the go.
  • Bottom Spinal Protection Design: This backpack includes a design tailored to fit the natural curve of your lower back, providing exceptional support and reducing discomfort on longer journeys. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your pets are well-supported.
  • Ventilation Holes and Multiple Mesh Windows: Multiple ventilation options ensure that your pets enjoy a cool, comfortable environment, even on hot and humid days. This feature of the double dog backpack carrier for hiking or travel is essential for maintaining your pets’ comfort and preventing overheating during long treks.
  • Padded Adjustable Hip Belt: By transferring the weight from your shoulders to your hips, this padded hip belt drastically reduces the strain on your back, making it easier to carry your pets over longer distances without discomfort.
  • Breathable and Heat-Dissipation Back Support: The backpack’s back support is designed to prevent sweat buildup, ensuring that even on longer hikes, your back stays cool and dry. The two cat backpack with 2 doors makes carrying your pets as comfortable as possible.


  • Safety Tether: This double dog carrier backpack includes two robust safety tethers that keep your pets securely fastened inside, giving you peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.
  • Lockable Zipper Design: The lockable zippers prevent accidental escapes by keeping the two dog hiking backpack carrier securely fastened, ensuring your pets’ safety throughout your journey.
  • Non-Slip Bottom: The non-slip bottom keeps the 2 cat carrier backpack stable and in place, offering a safer and more comfortable journey for your pets.
  • Anti-Interference Cover Cloth: An added layer of protection shields your pets from external elements like wind and rain, ensuring their comfort and safety on every adventure with Ibiyaya’s cat backpack for two cats or small dogs.
  • Sturdy Mesh: The high-quality mesh with lockable zippers secures your pet, making this carrier an escape-proof double dog carrier backpack for hiking or long travel. The mesh allows for visibility, enabling the owner to monitor the dog’s condition and behavior.


  • Detachable Waterproof Mat: This double cat backpack has an easy to remove and clean mat.  This waterproof mat helps maintain a hygienic environment for your pets, ensuring they are comfortable and clean after every outing.


  • Gadget and Dog Food Pockets: Equipped with well-placed pockets for storing essentials such as gadgets, dog food, and more, this small dog backpack for hiking combines functionality with ease of access, keeping everything you need within arm’s reach.
  • Side Storage Compartments: The Ibiyaya double cat carrier backpack has additional compartments that provide ample space for larger items, making it easy to organize everything you need for your trips in one convenient place.

What client say

It’s been no secret that we’ve loved this cat backpack for two cats since day one, we don’t travel without it, even when Arlo isn’t in the car, it doubles up as a safe booster seat for our cat who loves to sit in the top tier and look out of the window. Arlo is 7kg, and although only one cat, having the two tier option meant that at rest stops or pubs, we can lay it on its side, open up the middle barrier and give him a spacious little den to sit in. On the move, the bottom tier provides good storage in our scenario.

We have often recommended it, especially to two cat households. We’ve had no issue with quality. It’s been very sturdy, and comfortable to wear.

We absolutely love our double cat carrier backpack. Fisher is a large mainecoon adventure cat and loves to go on hikes. 

We use the one large compartment for him to stretch out the top and when he gets tired he can lay down. If you are looking for a two cat carrier backpack for hiking that can do it all look no further.


It’s the biggest double dog backpack carrier in the market and my dog is in between small- medium size. It was such a relief to find this pet carrier! We go to grocery shopping with it and everyone adores him in it.

What is the maximum weight limit of this backpack?

The dog backpack carrier for hiking can support pets weighing up to 12 kilos or 2.65 pounds. More specifically, the upper and lower compartments of the backpacks can hold up to 6 kilos or 13.2 pounds each.

Yes, you can use this backpack to travel with your bunnies! As long as their weight is less than 12 kilos or 26.5 pounds in total, you won’t have any problems traveling with your bunnies and keeping them comfortable inside the pet hiking backpack.

The small dog hiking backpack can support pets weighing up to 12 kilos or 2.65 pounds. More specifically, the upper and lower compartments of the backpacks can hold up to 6 kilos or 13.2 pounds each.

  • Recommended Weight Limit: 12kg; 26.5lbs (Upper 6kg/13lbs, Lower 6kg/13lbs)
  • Product Net Weight: 2.5kg; 5.5lbs
  • Product size: L39 W29 H56 (cm); L15 W11 H22 (in)
  • Individual Cabin Spaces:
    • Upper Cabin Size- L39 W29 H28 (cm) / L15 W11 H11 (in) ,
    • Lower Cabin Size -L39 W29 H28 (cm) / L15 W11 H11 (in);
  • Backpack Fabric: Polyester, PE
  • Carrier Accessories: Safety tether x2 / Removable pad x2




  • Spot cleaning, handwash.
  • Cold.
  • Do not expose to the sun directly.
  • Dry flat in shade.
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