Vintage Retro Suitcase Pet Bed – Brown


SKU: FB1702-BR ▉ Brown 

The elegance and warmth of this Vintage Retro Suitcase Pet Bed give charm to any place in your house or studio. The piece adds a unique touch of antique character to your area while also serving as a cozy napping spot your fur babies would love.

This vintage dog bed suitcase or cat bed has been well received by both dogs and cats; the exterior material of the suitcase pet bed is easy to clean, and the colors remain vibrant even after longer use. The vintage dog bed suitcase has been popular with small dogs because the bottom of the bed is adequately ventilated thanks to the legs and has adjusted itself on its own. The small height of this vintage suitcase cat bed gives cats a greater perspective of their surroundings, which they would love. Cat owners have noticed that some cats like to lie down on the edge of the reversible cushion and relax their backs against the hardback wall, according to cat owners.

This luxurious suitcase pet bed has a solid base that supports small to medium-sized dogs or even stylish cats. It has a patterned side and a neutral faux-suede side for your pet. This vintage dog and cat bed suitcase are both stylish and comfortable.
A soft spot to relax after playing is provided by a cozy patterned cushion that cradles your fur babies or kittens. The Retro Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed is an excellent eco-friendly present for pet owners.




Recommended Weight Limit: 6kg/13.2lbs
Measurements: L56 W42 H25 (cm) / L22.1 W16.5 H9.8 (in)
N.W.: 2.10 kg; 6.8 lbs

Spot cleaning , handwash. Cold. Do not expose to sun directly. Dry flat in shade.


◆ For little to medium pets, a fun and decorative cat or dog bed suitcase with a mattress set is available.
◆ The strong structure of this vintage suitcase cat bed ensures long-term use.
◆ Extra stability is provided by the wide bases.
◆ A soft and quilted mat that provides support and comfort.
◆A patterned printed side is featured on one side of this reversible pet mat.
◆ The neutral faux-suede side of the vintage suitcase dog bed adds adaptability.