Pet Backpacks

Explore the outdoors more with your pets using one of our pet backpacks!

Regardless of what type of backpack you’re looking for — may it be a pet backpack with wheels, a pet hiking backpack, a cat carrier backpack, a bird carrier backpack, or a dog sling carrier bag — we got you covered. All of Ibiyaya’s pet backpacks are SGS-certified and are designed to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

You can finally take your kitties out without worrying about their whereabouts with our Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack. It’s made from abrasion-resistant fabric that can handle temperature and pressure changing, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety inside. It also has side apertures, which you can use to conveniently give treats to your feline friend!

Since it functions as a double dog backpack and double cat backpack, the Two-tier Pet Backpack is a must if you want to bring two small-sized pets whenever you’re out. This pet backpack has ventilation holes and uses mesh fabric to keep your pets cool regardless of the weather. It also features pockets, anti-scratch rubber feet pads, and rip-resistant fabric.

Everything you’re looking for in a pet backpack — safety, comfort, and ergonomic design — is present in our products. Buying one will surely make your outdoor adventures more fun and memorable!

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