Pet Carriers

Ibiyaya offers a great line of small pet carrier bags for all your pet cats, dogs, and rabbits’ needs. If you are looking for a classic pet handbag with 360 ventilation, a collapsible dog carrier bag, or a compact and lightweight cat carrier bag made of eco-friendly material, we got them for you. Our small pet carrier bags are guaranteed international airlines approved and are designed with comfort and style in mind. Now you can enjoy long-distance travel. Many are designed based on SGS standards, most models passed the Environmental Stress and Cracking test, including the waterproof test.

We have various types of small pet carriers for different purposes. We have airline-approved carriers, such as the Flying Pal Foldable Pet Carrier bag. You can also keep your pets close by as you do various tasks, such as going to the grocery, church, or in public transport through our Breathable Pet Carrier Bag, Breathable Dachshund Pet Carrier Bag, Color Play Pet Carrier,and the Canvas Pet Tote. For cat lovers, we have the Kraft Pa-purr Pet Carrier bag which is great for cats because of its paper build.

We also have smalll pet carrier bags for long travel like our collapsible carriers and our pet carriers on wheels, such as the Lavada Pet Transport Luggage, the New Liso Backpack Parallel Transport Pet Trolley, and the 5-in-1 EVA Pet Carrier bag. This is ideal for long trips, and keeping your pet comfortable during travel.

Our small pet carrier bags are collapsible for easy and convenient storage.

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