Pet Furniture

Make your pets feel even more at home

Ibiyaya has your essential pet furniture covered! We make sure that our products are not only comfortable for your pets, but are stylish and blend beautifully with your home.

Our Snuggler Pet Nook is perfect for your dog or cat looking for some cuddles while they’re sleeping, giving a soft, warm embrace to your pet while they snooze. For pets that need more space and freedom, our Vintage Retro Suitcase Bed is what they need. For cats that need a place of quiet and enclosure, we have our Zentangle Enhanced Pet Pod, which also doubles as a scratch post for your kitty.

We’ll also help your pet keep themselves close to you through our Everest Dog Stairs, which will help them reach your sofa or bed with ease, and snuggle close anytime they want. It also serves as a place they can rest, with the bigger first step, which can fit a small dog.

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